Answering Services

Answering Services

EVP is the perfect phone solution for any size business or type of profession.

For the small office professionals such as CPA's, Attorney, or Financial Services or any other, we can increase your productivity by routing your calls directly to the department needed and cut out all robo calls and unwanted solicitors. Many of our customers have seen dramatic improvements in time management for only a few dollars a day vs. the waste of staff dealing with unwanted calls.

The same is true for service professionals in the field such as HVAC contractors, Roofing Companies, Plumbers, Electricians and more. All calls are directed to the correct department providing the flexibility of taking the call immediately or returning calls at the appropriate time.

Tell us what you want from your system – we will tailor make your answering service to perform how you want it. Your answering service will be made just the way they need it to operate.

- Designed to Save Time
- 0% Operator Error
- Never Lose a Call Due to Holding
- Get the Right Call to the Right Person – Every Time
- No Equipment Needed